Duncan Rhodes

Editor of Barcelona-life.com and founder and editor of Urban Travel Blog. Originally from the UK, Duncan is well versed in the art of travel, taking his insatiable curiosity on the road, and exploring the back alleys to encounter life's hidden treasures. Although he writes primarily for the web, Duncan also pens regular features for Ryanair Mag, Easyjet Magazine and CNN Traveller.

Michelin Chef Elevates Valencian Cuisine to New Heights

What would any food lover in Valencia enjoy more than a visit to the city’s Central Market – an 8,160 km2 art nouveau-styled space of gastro-commerce that houses 400 independent food vendors selling everything from the regionally grown chufas (tiger nuts), employed to make the delicious horchata drink, to baskets of snails, saffron and garrafo …

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Bluffer’s Guide to Wine Tasting

After dragging travel expert, but wine novice, Duncan Rhodes around the Douro Valley for a week, Catavino was impressed with how erudite his previously untrained palate became in such a short time… or did it? The Urban Travel Blog editor reveals his top 13 tips for faking it during a wine tasting… [su_button url=”https://catavino.dev.bitecla.com/tour/douro-valley-premium-wine-tour/#form” target=”self” …

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