Ryan Opaz

Born in Minnesota, Ryan is the co-founder and CEO of Catavino . He's also a Knight of the Port Wine Brotherhood, Certified Port Wine Educator and Certified Sherry Educator. Although a chef at heart, Ryan's time is spent giving workshops and speeches internationally on social media and blogging for wineries. Examples of his work include: Wine Future, London International Wine Fair, Essência do Vinho, WBIS, Fine Wine, and many more. He currently lives in Porto, Portugal where he explores the country with his camera and family. Check out his photos.

Granacha Blanca Makes Great Wine

In Spain, Garnacha Blanca has remained an important varietal, albeit minor, lending both body and fruit to the white wines of [Alella->http://www.doalella.com/], [Priorato->http://www.winesfromspain.com/icex/cda/controller/pageGen/0,3346,1549487_4946338_4944445_1108_-1,00.html], [Tarragona->http://www.winesfromspain.com/icex/cda/controller/pageGen/0,3346,1549487_4946338_4944445_1127_-1,00.html], [Navarra->http://www.vinonavarra.com/] and [Rioja->http://www.riojawine.com/]. While wonderful for backing up rich white blends, with better wine making technology some winemakers have learned to make quality wines from Granacha Blanca all by itself.

Spanish and Portuguese Wine in the News – Week 2

And here it is: news, reviews and articles about [Portuguese and Spanish wines->http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=spanish+and+portuguese+wines&btnG=Google+Search] found around the web this past week. Sometimes this job makes me hungry and forces me to peruse some local recipes in Spain. Hence, make sure to check out this recipe for [Changurro and cod ratatouille with grilled king prawn and cold …

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Interview – Christopher Cannan of Europvin

A few months ago, I attended Spain’s largest wine show [FENAVIN->http://www.fenavin.org/entrada.php], the equivalent to France’s [VINEXPO->http://www.vinexpo.com], and was fortunate enough to taste through some wines with the well-known wine exporter Christopher Cannan. Christopher’s company [Europvin->http://www.europvin.com] is a name synonymous with quality, representing wines as varied as Bordeaux, Portugal, Hungary, Priorat, vermouth and even a Single …

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Sherry Wine Almacenistas – DO Jerez

I just wanted to point out a great article over at [www.wineint.com->http://www.wineint.com] on the tradition of the Almacenistas in Spain. [John Radford->http://www.johnradford.com/], the author of “The New Spain“, takes and gives some background on what exactly an Almacenista is. Taken from the article: …”almacen’ is the Spanish word for “store’ or “warehouse’, and the person …

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TN – N.V. Gonzalez-Byass Jerez-Xérès-Sherry Alfonso, Oloroso Seco

I found this note tucked away from earlier in my travels here in Spain and thought I should share it with you. However, after rereading it, I suddenly feel the need to go to the liquor store because my thirst needs to be quenched again… Till soon, Ryan N.V. Gonzalez-Byass Jerez-Xérès-Sherry Alfonso, Oloroso Seco – …

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Spanish Sidra

In an effort to cover all aspects of the Spanish beverage market, I’d like to offer this quick snapshot of Sidra – a dry or sweet, lightly alcoholic, beverage made from fermented apples. Before I came to Spain, I expected to find wine and good food. These were givens in my head. I knew they …

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So, I feel a bit under prepared for this task. Last week, I had an experience that all wine connoisseurs should have at one point in their life. Put simply, I went to a wine museum. What is not so simple is that it claims to be one of the largest and most extensive tributes …

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