Catavino’s new space in the heart of Porto called, theLAB, will now be hosting wine tastings! Today, we’re launching two fabulous tastings worthy of checking out: Introduction to Portuguese Wine Tasting , Portuguese: Organic and Natural Wine Tasting or simply create a Private Custom Wine Tasting just for you!

The first tasting is an introduction to Portuguese wine, top to tail! If you’re coming to Porto, this is a great opportunity to oriented yourself to  Portuguese wine, history, and culture, alongside our trusty travel tips. In addition, we’ll demystify the ever-confusing wine list you’ll find in restaurants and bars while helping you find the Portuguese wines you love. Be prepared to explore and experience new styles and regions, while learning about Portugal’s vinous history! After the class, you’ll have plenty of time to ask specific questions or take advantage of Portugals’ lax corkage policies to purchase wines from theLAB’s own wine shop. 

In our second tasting, we’ll dive deep into the world of Organic wines, Bio-dynamic wines, and even the relatively new idea of Natural wines. Catavino’s shop is dedicated to sustainable wines that protect and nurture the environment. We’ll explain some of the controversies behind the various labels, why some producers go without a category, and what you need to know to find the best wines in the styles you love. Be prepared for debate and discovery! As with all our tastings, you will have time at the end to ask plenty of questions.

We can’t wait to welcome you to theLAB! Simply click on the “book now” button to sign up today! Oh, and anyone taking a wine class with us will receive a 5% discount on all wines in our shop!


Ryan Opaz

Ryan Opaz

Ryan Opaz

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