Portugal: Food & Wine Tours

Portugal, a vastly underestimated country for its unadulterated beauty, diverse gastronomy and some of the warmest people you will find anywhere in the world. Strong statement? Maybe, but over the last decade, we have taken numerous trips across the long meandering coastline and have yet to find someone unwilling to lend a helping hand, extend a warm smile or simply say ‘hello’. It is this level of kindness and consideration that has quickly made Portugal one of our favorite countries in the world.

Portugal not only lays claim to founding the very first wine producing regions in the world, the Douro, but also having one of the most diverse collections of native grapes in the world. From light, effervescent white Vinho Verde wines in the north, to intense flavor driven still and fortified wines in the Douro, and from sweet and unctuous dessert wines in Setubal to spicy, rich reds in the Alentejo, there really is no one “flavor” that encompasses Portugal. Consider this your vinous playground. Equally true, we can consider Portugal a culinary patchwork of texture, flavor and aroma when considering regional dishes such as: Cozido à Portuguesa, Caldo Verde or Bacalhau Assado, not to mention the vast amount of regional cheeses, breads, meats and seafood.

Hence, while crafting your vacation, allow us to guide you to the heart of Portuguese wine and cuisine. Whether you’re enjoying a guided wine tasting with the country’s top winemakers in sun-kissed vineyards, taking a petiscos tour of a dynamic city like Lisbon or Porto, visiting a cheese house in Estremadura, learning how to make an authentic Francesinha with local chefs, shopping in some of the world’s best food markets or fine dining in Michelin-starred restaurants, we will find the perfect tour for you. We’ve also searched for culinary experiences that will introduce you to the fascinating art, history, culture and people of this unique country. So buckle up… it’s going to be one hell of a ride!


Find more info on the different regions and cities of Portugal below, along with links to which tours and experiences we recommend in each destination.  If you need a customized tour, don’t hesitate to contact us!