Sitting astride Spain, on the furthest corner of the Iberian peninsular, its easy to make superficial comparisons between the two countries. They both enjoy hot climates, are popular tourist destinations, speak Latin- based languages and have a healthy appetite for leisure, food and wine. However, with breathtaking coastal cities like Lisbon and Porto, delightful rural aldeias or villages, and of course, their own cultural traditions, like the melancholy Fado, Portugal is possibly yet more romantic than its neighbor. And there is no better way to experience this than sailing in the Algarve, appreciating the lush and moss covered gardens of Sintra or exploring the Gothic architecture in Viana do Castello. And whilst its food and wine are less celebrated on an international level, thats not to say its inferior in any way. Check out this article on Portuguese food and drink and youll start to understand why. Between their grilled fish, sumptuous pastries, warm stews and varied cheeses, there is no shortage of options to entice the palate.


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Spain is a diverse country, with not one national identity but many 99 if not all of Basques, Catalans and Galicians, just for starters, would quiver from defining themselves as strictly Spanish, despite the outside world lumping them in that very category. And its not just the people who are different. The land is varied too, from the wet lush woodlands of the North to the craggy shores of the Costa Brava, the dry interior plains and coastal mountain ranges. No doubt its this mix of peoples and geography that makes for such a rich and varied travel experience and manifests itself too in the different cultures and cuisines one encounters along the way. Great cities, like Madrid, Barcelona, Granada and Seville, idyllic islands like Mallorca and Ibiza, friendly people no matter whether theyre speaking Castilian, Catalan, Basque or Valenciano and amazing cuisine, from tapas and paella to Iberian hams and artisan cheeses. Did we mention that we like the wine here too.

Old vineyards with red wine grapes in the Alentejo wine region near Evora, Portugal Europe

Spain Gourmet Guides

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